Meeting Topics for 2020

NARS attempts to provide an enjoyable, interesting, and informative experience at each of our meetings. This being your club, we welcome suggestions from the membership for topics that you find useful and interesting. Either send an email to any of the club officers, come to a board meeting at 6:00 and make your suggestion in person, or make a suggestion at the regular meeting at 7:30. We are always happy to entertain your suggestions.





January 18 Banquet various Back Yard Grill
February 21  Whats New in Amateur Radio Jason Johnson, KC5HWB Fire Station
March 20 D-Star DMR David Holman - AC7DS Virtual - ZOOM
April 17 Lighbulb Antenna
Balloon Activity
Coax Routing
Kirk Breden - N5XJB
Walter Holmes - K5WH
Richard Nelson - KF5WRD
Virtual - ZOOM
May 15 Stealth Antennas  Carl Foster - KB7AZ Virtual - Zoom
June 19 Field Day Kirc Breden - N5XJB Virtual - Zoom
July 17 Raspberry Pi mini-computer Jeff Greer - W5JEF Virtual - Zoom
August 21 Mobile Operation and Contesting Andrea Slack, K2EZ Virtual - Zoom
September 18 Antennas John Portune - W6NBC Virtual - Zoom
October 16 Transceiver Performance for the HF – DX Operator Rob Sherwood, NC0B Virtual - Zoom
November 20 Officer elections   ?
December 18 Show & Tell
Silent Auction
various ?